What We Offer

Live Interaction

Classes are Live, online, and in real-time. We prefer to have direct, meaningful interaction with our students, as opposed to having them inter-act solely with the computer. Our students respond eagerly to our level of sincere, personal attention, as well as our dedication and professionalism.

Quality Education

We assist parents in our community in providing their children the best quality education, while removing them from the emotional and psychological detriments of the stress and trauma from the inevitability of institutionalized racism extant in the public educational experience — especially for children of color .

Parent Partnership

We provide all the necessary tools to help you succeed in home schooling your child. Our Parent Portal provides you 24/7 access to information. The Portal includes a communications feature that enables parents to send private messages to their child’s teacher. This direct line of communication helps ISM parents and teachers ensure the success of the student.

OUR MISSION is to awaken the joy of learning as we create a comfortable environment where children and young adults excel in the basics of K-12 education, within the context of their own cultural world view.
What they say about us

As a proud parent/mother, I want to thank Dr. Nalani and Mrs. Griffiths, for the huge impact that they have made on my two boys’ lives as well as mine.”


Alvina, Khalid & Aakei W., Reidsville, NC

Syrai is enjoying school. I’m loving the educators/teachers! The lessons are amazing. There are so many pros to mention however one that stands out to me is the fact that the teachers have a lot of patience. This shows me that they enjoy educating and it also comes from the heart.

Kwentado Moore, Detroit, MI

I am very happy with ISM.  My children’s instructors were exceptional. They helped Eloha and Kamilah effectively navigate the internet while learning at the same time. I’m telling everyone that I think the Institute for Self-mastery is the best in the world. I think it’s the most comfortable way for a child to be educated and not dumbed down in the society.

Brother Rashad B., Jersey City, NJ

Teachers Who Love To Teach

Dr. Rkhty Amen

Medu Neter  Kemetologist, Linguist, Hmt-Ntr


Mrs. Kimmara Griffiths

Mathematics and Science


Mr. Jaron Gholson

Social Studies and African Centered world History


Mrs. Quatanah Gholson

English Language Arts


New to homeschooling?

Click [HERE] for a helpful tool we offer to help you along the process. 


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