The Institute for Self-Mastery (ISM) was born as the result of ongoing requests from the community to provide parents with the resources to educate their children at home. History has shown that home-schooled children have more confidence, tend to excel intellectually, and are less prone to the emotional and psychological detriments of the stress that can be experienced in the public school setting—especially for children of color. Parents are looking for new and improved ways to help their children learn and develop their individuality and potential. Our purpose/mission is to not merely fulfill those requests, but to exponentially exceed the expectations of our ISM families.

At the Institute for Self-Mastery, Classes are Live, online, and in real-time. We prefer to have direct, meaningful interaction with our students, as opposed to having them inter-act solely with the computer. Our students respond eagerly to our level of sincere, personal attention, as well as our dedication and professionalism.

Whether you would like to enroll in our full curriculum or simply participate in one of our courses, we’re happy to have you and your child join us at the Institute for Self-Mastery, where children love learning.


Dr. Nalani Valentine – Co-founder, COO

Dr. Nalani Valentine –Co-founder, COO, Headmaster

In 2006, Dr. Valentine Co-founded The University of Kemetian Sciences, and became headmaster at The Institute for Self-Mastery (ISM) in 2010.

With over 45 years in health education, Dr. Valentine has taught and tutored English Language Arts and American Sign Language (ASL) to students from Pre-K through High School, as well as at several City of New York (CUNY) colleges.

Dr. Valentine received a Bachelor of Science in Education from Empire State College (Educational Psychology), a PhD in Hygienic Science from The Life Science Institute, and a Masters and Doctorate of Naturopathy from Clayton College of Natural Healing.

She is wife, mother of 4 daughters, grandmother of 7 and great-grandmother of 3 children,

“As Headmaster of ISM, I’m thrilled that each staff member holds the same vision as mine—that every child at ISM realizes their own, personal love for learning!”

Brittany Cottingham – Administrator

Mrs. Cottingham has been with the University of Kemetian Sciences and the Institute for Self-Mastery since 2012, and is the reason our operations run so smoothly! She is usually the first one you will meet here at ISM.

ISM Administrator, wife and mother of 4, Mrs. Cottingham was homeschooled through her high school years, and graduated with honors from James Madison High school in Philadelphia, PA.  She has since attended Kaplan University and is actively pursuing her Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Wellness.

It brings me joy to see “our future” learning how to think instead of what to think. I am confident that the seeds we are planting into the minds of our children will create a more harmonious way of living in their lives, as well as those they meet as they move forward in life”


New to homeschooling?

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